Front Pro™ Training

Our in-depth training regimen ensures that we offer extraordinary staffing talent  

For 25 years, BBW has been the human resource arm of the events and trade show industry. We provide the most experienced, best trained front-line professionals to staff trade shows, conferences, special events, and consumer shows.  

What makes us the best in the industry?

It is our people and our approach to training. Through-out the industry, BBW is known for its deep commitment to customer service and the quality of its people who deliver that service. 

Our people are exceptional. We only hire people with high social IQ’s and then we train them in customer service, people management and event operations using our own proprietary training program, Front Pro™. 

Over the past quarter century, we have learned a lot about events, how to manage people in a wide variety of situations, and what our customers need. 

First – that managing interactions with people is a very complex and delicate business and critical to delivering a successful event. It is after all, all about meeting and exceeding visitor expectations. 

Second – that our real stock and trade is our people; having the right people with the right attitude and instincts about people.  

Third – that it is all about personalized service even with a work force of 1,000.

BBW has taken all of this learning to develop a training tool which offers specialized skill sets, people management techniques, and sophisticated real-word training scenarios. What has emerged is BBW’s own proprietary employee training program called Front Pro™ which teaches every member of the BBW team how to manage a myriad of people interactions and any on-site situation no matter how complex or difficult. This is why BBW has the best people management skills in the business. 

Every member of our team is Front Pro™ trained and certified, giving you peace of mind that our professionals can meet your expectations and deliver exceptional customer service.

If you want to learn more about our services, give us a call. One of our knowledgeable event staffing specialists will be pleased to assist you.

Experience BBW at your next event

We are a different kind of event staffing company. Our highly trained professionals can give you a worry-free staffing option for your event. Our secret is our people and our specialized training program. Talk to us to discover the BBW difference.

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