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Sheila Wong
01 May, 2018

Common courtesy is not just something we remember from the past – it can be an asset in recruiting today. How you treat your candidates before, during and after the interview process is very telling of the type of manager you are perceived to be. It is instrumental in attracting the kind of candidate you need in our service-based industry. How does this apply? It’s a lot like dating.

Sheila Wong
24 Apr, 2018

Like the real estate market, the events industry takes its cue from the state of the economy. The events industry can be more of a lagging indicator because of the advanced planning required.

In recent months, there’s been a hiring buzz in the meetings and events industry for event support staff. Hiring managers are starting to feel the squeeze when it comes to finding good people. This is due to the unemployment rate dropping to a nine-year low in August 2017 at 6.2 per cent. However, for millennials, the rate was increased by 0.8 percentage points because more youths (15 to 24 year olds) have entered the job market. The total unemployment for the core-aged population (24 to 54 year olds) is 5.2 per cent. From a hiring stand point, this means that our current climate is in favour of employees.

Sheila Wong
30 Mar, 2017

The last Thursday of April has become a significant day in the meetings industry over the past five years. It is the day when nearly 200 industry professionals get together to play Euchre. That’s right, Euchre (pronounced yoo-ker). For those who spent their high school and college years with Euchre as their daily ritual rather than studying to improve, you need no explanation.

12 Dec, 2016

Congratulations to our founding partner and Vice President of Business Development, the recipient of the MPI Influence Award for 2016 from Meeting Planners International (MPI) Toronto Chapter. In her acceptance speech she shared the impact we have in the meetings industry:

“We work in an industry that is a bit of a phenomenon. What we do may not directly save lives. In fact, sometimes the perception is we throw parties. We’re not neurosurgeons, but we do organize the meeting of the minds for millions of professionals who do save lives. We create the vehicle to foster communication and learning, so someday, the people we facilitate in these meetings will have the capacity to save lives and build better tomorrows.”

To check out the rest of Sheila’s inspiring speech click the video below.

To learn more about the MPI Industry Influence Award click here.

12 Dec, 2016

We were proud of our VP Sheila Wong to be honoured and inducted into the CAEM Hall of Fame.

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