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Trained and Certified COVID Safety Ambassadors™ 


How To Protect Yourself & Others | A COVID Safety Ambassadors™ Guide


We have broadened our scope of service to offer our experienced customer service agents who worked in events to providing COVID Safety Ambassadors ™ for commercial properties and retail businesses.  When planning to reopen, our trained and certified COVID Safety Ambassadors ™ are ready to assist with navigating the new physical distancing protocols and keeping everyone safe.

Let us help you with traffic flow, line monitoring for elevators and reminding people about physical distancing. If needed, staff are trained to pre-screen the public for possible COVID-19 infection before entering facilities. We can consult on traffic flow patterns and set-up in your common spaces and offices. More importantly, staff are trained to engage with the public, using language to incite the public to engage in the action required to keep everyone safe. 

What makes us the safest choice?

It is our people and our approach to training. Throughout the events and trade show industries, BBW is known for its deep commitment to customer service and the quality of its people who deliver that service. 

How To Put On Your Mask | COVID Safety Ambassadors™

Our people are exceptional. We only hire people with high social IQ’s and then we train them in customer service, people management and event operations using our own proprietary training program, Front Pro ™. 

For 30 years, we have learned a lot about events, how to manage people in a wide variety of situations, and what our customers need. We can help you in this season.

Every member of our team is Front Pro™ trained and certified to become COVID Safety Ambassadors ™, giving you peace of mind that our certified agents can meet your expectations and deliver safe and exceptional customer service. This translates to instilling confidence in those returning to work and the economy.

If you want to learn more about our services, give us a call. We can help!


Simplify your COVID-19 protocols and go paperless! Our saniTrakr online solution consolidates your employee health screening and contact tracing procedures. We offer real-time, paperless management. 

  • Employees can check-in before they arrive onsite
  • Contact tracing for visitors and attendees
  • Location tracing
  • Online dashboard for administrators
  • Instant reporting when Public Health calls


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Face Shields

Manufactured locally by Axiom Group Inc. Retooled on the request of the Canadian Government, these premium face shields are hospital grade and perfect to use in customer-facing roles and tight work spaces like commercial kitchens, restaurants and retail businesses. BBW is the Canadian Distributor, CONTACT us for a quote. Click here for more information.


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We are a different kind of event staffing company. Our highly trained professionals can give you a worry-free staffing option for your event. Our secret is our people and our specialized training program. Talk to us to discover the BBW difference.

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