Kick Cancer with Euchre

30 Mar 2017

The last Thursday of April has become a significant day in the meetings industry over the past five years. It is the day when nearly 200 industry professionals get together to play Euchre. That’s right, Euchre (pronounced yoo-ker). For those who spent their high school and college years with Euchre as their daily ritual rather than studying to improve, you need no explanation.

Euchre is a card game. Some say it’s a simpler version of Bridge. It essentially is a game played with four players. You and your partner, the person sitting across the card table from you, work together to win as many “tricks” in a hand to gain points. Points are gained with the possession of trump cards (note the lowercase “t” means something other than what is currently trending in mainstream media.

Euchre is not what I’m here to talk about. Euchre is just the vehicle - the means to an end. The end of cancer in our lifetime. For the past five years, the Meetings Industry Euchre Tournament (MIET) has raised nearly $100K for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. The funds contributed by this industry played a small but effective part in the recent strides made in cancer research. I’m not here to talk about that either.

I’m here to talk about the incredible supporters who, year after year, enthusiastically donate their money, products and services or gifts all with one goal in mind. That’s what is so impressive about this group of people. I am proud to call them colleagues and for many, my friends. Their generosity is motivated beyond getting exposure for their companies. It’s motivated by the fact that each of them have been touched by the devastation of cancer and they want to make a difference for the next person. What a great way to kick cancer in the face with a night of fun and networking.

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