Getting Ready to Reopen! Rapid Antigen Screening

Sept 14, 2021

Contact tracing, vaccine passports - to be or not be? Is your head spinning with all that is required to go back to in-person events? There has been much debate amongst lawyers to discuss whether we can legally ask for proof of vaccines. It looks like if each province requires it, then perhaps there will be no debate. However, in the meantime, there is much confusion as to what event professionals can and cannot ask of their participants. I can tell you about what we're doing at BBW and happy to share our experience and findings with you.


We have signed up to be a part of a consortium of large and small medium enterprises to collect data from at-home or onsite rapid antigen tests. Creative Destruction Lab, together with participating companies is providing anonymous data on the efficacy of rapid testing from home or onsite. CDL is recruiting more organizations to join the program. Please check it out and let me know if you want an introduction to a program facilitator. As of September 6th, we launched the pilot of this program with our Toronto and Hamilton teams. Each employee is required to submit their test results twice a week whether they are going onsite to work or not. Because of this program and the information provided to the government, rapid tests are now available to all employers in Ontario at no cost. Check out the Ontario Antigen Screening Program to see if you qualify. We are sure that other provinces will follow. Watch the 4-minute training below to see how easy it is to self-adminster.


We are happy to announce that we have partnered with a medical group to provide healthcare professionals to help administer these tests onsite at your event. Contact me directly for more information. Are you concerned with the cost? We estimate that for most conferences of 200 + attendees, the cost can be as little of $8.50 per person. To ensure safety and peace of mind for the cost of coffee and muffin? Might be worth it.


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